- How do I get them back to you? 

Your waders will arrive with postage included in your package. When you are ready to return them place everything into the wader bag, place the return label on the box and seal, drop at any UPS pick-up point to return.  In most cases your lodge, outfitter or airport will have UPS solutions. can also offer help to find you a return drop-off location. If you have additional questions please email

-What happens when the waders are late to return?

Given the nature of our business and your complicated travel schedule we want to be as flexible about this as possible. Your waders come with return postage so we can track the whereabouts of your return in the UPS system. reserves the right to charge for additional days that the waders have not been put into the UPS system. Waders that are absent from the return process for more than 7 days are subject to an additional 1 week rental charge. If a second charge is needed at 14 days it will be considered a replacement charge.   

- What happens if I damaged the equipment?

Service is our priority and we want you out there getting after it!  Many years of working in the business has given us a keen eye for evaluating damage.  Most tears, broken rods, pin-holes and other scenarios that happen will not be passed on to you. does reserve the right to charge additionally for neglect of equipment. Things like burn holes, dog chewing, they flew out of the truck and got run over by forty vehicles on the highway etc. are considered neglect. 

- What kind of equipment do you offer?  

We work with Adamsbuilt Manufacturing to provide us with the highest quality equipment to ensure your success on the water. Our positive customer feedback, proven performance and long-standing relationship with our manufacturer keeps inventory up-to-date with the latest products and styles.  For more information please visit  

- I am a large group or corporate sponsor.....

We can help, in fact we specialize in it.  Please try and give us a phone call to help get your arraignments handled.  You can expect friendly upfront service with no headaches or hassles.  If you provide us with the names and sizes we will deliver all your waders in complete sets so your trip looks more professional and organized.